Passing Love

 Love is forgiving and


Fruits Fairy is about creating moments of happiness. Imagine the smiles you could put on your loved ones when they receive this magical fruits box from the fairy. Each fruit is delicately picked, packed and delivered with love. It is the goodness that can be consumed.
At Fruits Fairy, we take pride in going at great lengths to find the most premium fruits and bring them right to you. Fruits Fairy offers one-off deliveries or you can subscribe to regular deliveries of premium fruits sent either weekly or fortnightly a month. Our bespoke fruits boxes are filled with the best fruits in the season. There are no secrets but tonnes of surprises, the combinations changes every fortnightly in a month, if not weekly. Some may interest you, some won’t, but once in a while you will stumble upon fruits that will leave you in awe. Also, to look out for the secret message from the fairy!
That’s what we are about; Fruits Fairy regularly sends you (or the lucky person you're sending to) beautiful premium fruits box fresh from the farm. Because life is beautiful and is always filled with surprises, we want to bring you moments of sweet surprises every time!
Wholly owned by:
The Good Vibes Plc
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.